The ancestral cosmetics...

Spring flowers bath, black diamond mask, spices scrub... Odeline offers you a world tour without leaving your bathroom thanks to cocooning treatments from the lands of Morocco. In Morocco more than anywhere else, beauty rituals are an integral part of the culture, favoring natural cosmetics. The result is healthy, younger-looking skin that inspires the greatest cosmetic companies. So why go broke when our mothers and grandmothers have passed on organic skin care products?

In Odeline's workshops, each recipe is based on 100% natural and ancestral formulas. A return to our roots focused on the properties and virtues of plants, bringing out the best in the world of cosmetics.

We do not like misleading packaging or excessive promises. We only emphasize the real properties of our products.

Since the beginning of our adventure in 2021, we are constantly striving to push the limits of innovation and industry.

Argan oil, the white gold of Morocco.

Argan oil is at the center of our compositions. This miraculous oil comes from the argan tree, endemic to Morocco, present mainly in the southwest of the country. It has been used for centuries by Berber women, thanks to its culinary and cosmetic properties. It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Honey-colored, it is often used for massages, or for applications on the skin (anti-drying of the skin.)

Our lab

Located in the heart of the Ochre city of Marrakech since 1999, our laboratory is specialized in the formulation of cosmetic products. Our laboratory draws its inspiration from the ancestral benefits of plants. We use active ingredients of natural origin, for the creation of organic products from the Moroccan soil while respecting biodiversity.

Our values


Transparency is one of our priorities. We wish to adopt a policy of transparency regarding the composition of our products. We want to establish a relationship of trust with our customers by giving them all the tools to analyze our products. All the ingredients in our products are natural and organic so that you can take care of your skin in complete safety.


We pay particular attention to the quality of our products and this is one of our main values. We carefully select the ingredients and active principles used in the composition of our products. All of our ingredients are organic and come from the lands of Morocco. Odeline offers you the best of plants for a radiant skin.


Our know-how and expertise allow us to offer high quality products to satisfy our customers. Our laboratory is made up of experts in cosmetics who work in an innovative and eco-responsible way. The formulators of our team are passionate about innovation, tradition and technology. A know-how that combines quality and efficiency.

Nos certifications

Our products have several certifications that attest to their compliance with cosmetic standards. Want to know more? Find the details and explanations of all our certifications below. We remain at your disposal if you need further information.